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Nightmare Before Christmas Boutqiue

Welcome to Nightmare Before Christmas Boutique where all your favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas characters are available on officially licensed t-shirt, collectibles, and gifts.

If you are a fan of Jack Skellington, Halloween Town, or Lock, Shock, and Barrel than you've found the right place to be.

Below is a few of our recently added products. Check back often as there are always new Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles and gifts showing up!

Nightmare Before Christmas Treasure Box
Whats in the box? Its a bat! Its a rat! Will it bend? Will it break? Perhaps its the head that we found in the lake. Thats nearly correct - it was two heads and we found them behind the dumpster next to the chair one of the new CS monkeys broke on his first day. (Luckily, breaking your chair is not a fire-able offense. Using Comic Sans as your email font is grounds for instant termination.) And conveniently, the two shrunken heads fit perfectly into this treasure box. Maybe you dont have shrunken heads, so well give you a few ideas for more mundane things you could throw in this box. For the RPG fanatic, its the perfect size to carry your dice bag, minis, tokens, and pencils. (We even think the D&D Rules Compendium might fit if you squish it.) Crafty geeks will find it a good size for all the bits and bobs necessary to build your creations. School-going geeks could use it to carry pens, pencils, lunch money, and cell phone. Or you can just display it at home, on a high shelf. We recommend telling any wee geeks you know that the shrunken heads of the children before them are in the box. It always improves behavior (though not always morale). Product Specifications Nightmare Before Christmas styled treasure box Dark green box featuring Jack Skellington Lined with a fuzzy velvet-like material Great for storing small items like dice, pencils, shrunken heads Dimensions: About 8 tall x 9 wide x 7 long
Nightmare Before Christmas Stubby Jack Plush
Jack Skellington is known for his very tall lean physique. Hes all legs and arms, much like a grasshopper or a teenager. Did you know that to make the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, the filmmakers had to construct 230 puppets and Jack himself had somewhere around eight hundred different heads, so he could express all of his emotions properly? Pretty crazy awesome. We give mad props - *groan* - to those prop guys and gals. This plush is a squished down version of Jack. Hes not quite a bobblehead or an amigurumi, but something vaguely in that giantheadsmallerbody style that is so darn adorable. Bring him home today and he can be your very own Pumpkin King and protect you from the Oogie Boogie Man. Product Specifications 10 plush of Jack Skellington From the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas A bit shorter than the Jack in the movie Okay, hes a lot shorter, but that makes him adorable
Nightmare Before Xmas Wooden Coaster Set
We love the Fall. The weather finally starts to cool off, which means Zack in Customer Service has stopped wearing jorts. (Thank the gods, especially Pelor for cutting back on the sunshine.) It also means Halloween is coming, which is our favorite holiday ever. Sure, there arent presents in Halloween Town, but we get to wear awesome costumes and eat candy with reckless abandon. We like that. But the bestest part of Fall is all the delicious drinks. Warm apple cider, freshly brewed root beer (which, while not a Fall beverage, always tastes better in the Fall) and delicious brews like Pumpkin Ale and Oktoberfest. And if youre going to be enjoying a beverage, its best to do it without fear of ruining your good wooden tables. Snag one of these four Nightmare Before Christmas coasters and youll be all set. Product Specifications Set of four coasters from The Nightmare Before Christmas Perfect for protecting your table from your pint of pumpkin ale Features: Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie Man, and Lock, Shock & Barrel Sandy Claws will add you to the Naughty List if you leave a ring on the good table!
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack 3D T-Shirt
This black T-shirt has Jack up close and personal. Hey... youre getting a little too close for comfort, Mr. Skellington. Back off!
The Nightmare Before Christmas  Berry Dead Disembody Mi
This berry body mist smells as sweet as a love that is truly meant to be...
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Strawberry Fat Lip
Let Jack help you keep your lips moisturized with this strawberry flavored lip balm.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Half Dead Hobo Bag
This cute black hobo bag features a foggy image of Jack in a cemetery with silhouettes of other scenes behind him and orange pumpkins adding a splash of color in the corner. Includes a zip closure, an adjustable strap and two inner pouches.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Red Sally Buckle
This metal buckle features Sallys smiling face.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack And Sally Smile Hob
This black hobo bag features a pink skeletal smile with Jack and Sally pictured in the eyes.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Bat Necklace
This necklace features a plastic bat inspired by Jack Skellingtons bow tie.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Broken Heart Ring Set
This broken heart ring set features one ring with Sally and one with Jack. Obviously, these two rings were meant to be together.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack And Sally Heart Sku
This necklace features a heart with Jack and Sally, a skeleton charm and red shot bead accents up one side.

Nightmare Before Christmas Boutique